Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Birthday to My Blog!

Today is a special day because of two things: My blog's 3rd birthday as well as my mom's birthday. I can't believe time has flown by and this little blog of mine has been around for 3 years now. I would have done a giveaway and also a recap of what the past years have looked like, but I seriously am still trying to recuperate from Orlando so there's no time for it.

Also because today is my mom's birthday, tonight I'm heading over to see my family and bring some cake and ice cream to make her feel special. So to say that I am gonna be busy the next few days is an understatement! I have to get some things done work related and getting back to normal life if you will, you know, grown adult stuff. An upcoming recap of my Orlando trip will be posted soon and I miss you guys so much! Until next time.

How was your weekend loves?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bella Has Landed in Sunny Orlando!

Hey y'all! Blogging to you from Orlando, Florida!! Oh my God, this trip is gonna be amazing, but I will say I had to work through some kinks here and there getting ready for this trip I thought I was gonna lose my shit. Thankfully, things worked out in the end and I am here with no worries and can actually enjoy myself now that I'm here.

I love all the palm trees and there's so much green out here I feel like I need to move here STAT. I've only had 4 hours of sleep and in an hour or so I'm gonna dive into my King size bed here at the hotel and pass out for a good nap.

Before I do that though, I just wanted to stop by and let y'all know that I made it safe and sound. There are lots of things in my agenda in the next couple of days including having a blate with 3 bloggers who live here in Orlando! We are gonna have dinner in Downtown Disney and I'm so excited to get to meet these chicas.

BTW, I tried streaming Pretty Little Liars while on the plane and it didn't work *insert pouty face here*. I am now on Season 4! and I'm so addicted to this show, I may need to check myself into Pretty Little Liars' Anonymous.

Confessions of a Blogaholic linkup will take a vacay this week, see y'all next week for some good ol' confessions!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Let's Light This Candle

This weekend I was sick for the most part. Saw Tammy on Friday night with the girls and it was a funny movie, but not as funny as Identity Thief. I think Identity Thief was hands down the funniest movie Melissa has starred in so far.

But yeah speaking of being sick I slept in between taking my dog to the groomers and then coming back home to crash. Then Sunday, I still wasn't feeling any better and had to take another nap to set me straight. I think I was dehydrated, exhausted and stressed out all at once.

Somehow I managed to run a couple of errands which incuded makeup shopping and clothes shopping. I needed to get some last minute things before I go on my trip tomorrow to Orlando. I need to remind myself to get some motion sickness medicine today because I get sick on airplanes. I'd like to think I'm past it, but I don't wanna chance it and then end up losing my breakfast in a paper bag. Not a good look folks!

One of the last times that happened I was 13, flying to Puerto Rico to visit since I had moved away from PR two years prior. There was a cute boy making some serious eye contact with me and I managed to run to the restroom before my stomach would fly away from my body. Then it happened again and I didn't have a chance to run, I was sick right in my seat and I'm sure he could hear me heaving and shit. Let's just say when I tried looking at him again when we landed, he was not interested anymore. I was crushed.

Anyway, today I am finally packing and I haven't decided if I will blog while I'm on vacay or if I will also take a blog vacay. If I take a blog vacay, I may have withdrawals but at least I will have one helluva long post to recap my trip. Who knows, I may miss it too much and have ideas bouncing in my head that I will have to just blog to make sure I don't lose my blogging mojo. Decisions decisions.

PS. Got my hair cut but no pictures yet since I've been sickies. Maybe tomorrow I will do a selfie.

How was your weekend?

Friday, July 11, 2014

What Do You Mean You're Out of Neon Yellow?

There's nothing more disappointing than dreaming about a certain nail color for the summer especially when you're about to go on an exciting trip and the nail salon crushes your dreams when they say they're out of that neon yellow color I wanted. What the what? If I were a nail salon owner I would double up on the summer colors because HELLO? women are trendy and have in mind how they want to style their nails. If they don't know beforehand, they figure it out at the nail salon.

Sigh. Can you tell I'm disappointed? Well I am. However, after looking over the gel colors over again for what seemed like I was shopping online for shoes, I picked this bright pink that reminds me of a flamingo so I gave it its own name; Flamingo Pink. I think it ended up working out after all because the Stella & Dot Conference I'm going to in Orlando has a whole theme revolving around flamingos so hey, I think it was still a success, but damn I wanted that neon yellow!

The neon yellow would have looked like it does on this jewelry travel roll I just got in the mail. It sold out ladies sorry! but I had to order this stat because I'm going on that trip and need a neat place to keep my jewelry/toiletries.

Per my friends' request they wanted to see the nail polish I put on my toes so I took a pic of my toes and kept the pic small because I'm not a fan of feet and I don't think a lot of people are, but I love the confetti nail polish.

I'm getting my hair cut tonight and I'm so excited because it's way overdue. I'm also getting new hair extensions in the mail so you really won't be able to tell I cut my hair. Oh the things a girl must do getting ready for vacation.

I leave you with Calvin Harris because I just love him and this song makes my heart sing. Ciao!