Thursday, April 24, 2014

Life is Sweet Like Cinnamon

Happy Thursday! I know I'm posting later than usual in the day, but I have a good reason. I got to go to the Lana Del Rey concert last night and it was AWESOME SAUCE! I had no idea I was going until my friend asked me if I wanted to go since he had an extra ticket.

I didn't get home until late and I was too exhausted to whip up a post so here I am. Pics and video of Lana's concert to come!

I went home for lunch and got to pick up my package of my rug that finally came in. I laid it out and Sebastian seems to like it. I am in love with this rug! I can't wait for my H&M home decor order to get here and I'll be sure to show y'all how it all looks sometime next week.

I also got one of Erin's new items from her new Etsy shop! Check it out and get some cute prints for your home.

Anywho, I hope y'all are having a great Thursday {Friday eve} and I'm back to jammin' some more Lana Del Rey on my Spotify.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Confessions: Emotional Shopper At Large

Happy Humpday! For today's confessions, this is a confession I may have already talked about, but I also didn't realize this confession seems to have gotten a bit out of control as of late. It all started with Erin's post about her home decor. Then the frenzy began when I saw that H&M has home decor. What the what? I know, that's exactly what I said.

I was feeling anxious, upset and sad all at the same time. It was only natural for me to turn to shopping because as you know, that's also my outlet besides blogging. While some may turn to food for comfort, shopping comforts me. Believe me, I know that is not a good problem to have. Ay Caramba!

Anywho, I confess that I stayed up until 2 am on Friday night shopping online like a mad woman. You already know about my latest techie toy, just hold on to your seats because I bought the whole internet!

The coffee table and the end table were both from Amazon. I assembled them both last night as soon as I got home. I love how they have trays inside of them where I can put decor in them. Maybe I could put my Stella & Dot jewelry in there? Hmm, not a bad idea. Any suggestions of what would look pretty inside a coffee table glass display are welcome!

I can't believe I found this gorgeous rug at Target! It's only available online so I got it especially since it was 20% off. It arrives today so I'm pumped!

So this is what I got from the H&M Home section:

I can't wait for it all to come together and I feel it was about time to redo my living room AND bedroom. Wall decor is what I'm working on next. Pictures to come of my revamped apartment, now is your turn to dish out your confessions! Help me out because I am feeling a little buyer's remorse.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My New Techie Toy

It's now safe to say that I have joined the cool cats that are the blogger photographer enthusiasts with my new purchase of the wonderful Canon EOS Rebel t3i!! I know I have a long way to go in learning the ropes this precious has to offer and I think I spent the majority of my evening last night playing with it. I'm not gonna lie, I did get frustrated a couple of times and felt dumb that it was doing what I wanted a second ago, then the next I was thrown for a loop and couldn't figure out what just happened.

My favorite pic is the one of my baby Sebastian. Now I can capture him without missing his cute gaze up at me and you guys can see what I see when I look into his adorable eyes.. which sometimes look red like a little devil, but he's quite the angel.

Well, this week is already kickin' my ass and I'm gonna keep this super short, but while you're here be sure to enter my giveaway that launched yesterday! Mother's Day is coming up so you may or may not wanna treat your momma to a S&D gift card #justsayin.

Oh and don't forget to link up your confessions tomorrow. I got something interesting to confess, or so I like to think it's interesting.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend + a Giveaway!

It's Monday! I'm not that pumped up about Monday, but then again I have a spankin' new giveaway I'm launching today with my fabulous sponsors and friends so that alone puts a pep in my step!

Without further adieu, enter my Giveaway for Stella & Dot $200 Gift Card with my sponsors! Contest ends next Monday Apr 28th!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now onto my weekend recap with my lovely co-host Lisa from Showered With Design! My three day weekend was so amazing for the simple fact that I got to catch up on some serious sleep. Not to mention, I did some online shopping and I don't wanna say what I got yet because I do feel guilty just a tad and it's been a long time coming so stay tuned!

Thursday was my Friday so I wore my leather pants I recently got from H&M as well as my leopard tank top, which I love these two together.

Got glammed up for my friend's wedding and I was actually on time! I am usually late anywhere I go and I know that's a bad habit I'm still trying to work at, but anywho.. I wore my new H&M blouse and the gold skirt.

Here is the lovely happy newlywed couple at the wedding, cutting the cake. This wedding was so beautiful and so moving. I've known these two for about 7 years since I met her in college and it was amazing to witness them becoming one. Of course I cried when they said their vows and cried during their dance with their parents. I almost caught the bouquet, but that's a-okay because I caught it at the last wedding I went to about a year and a half ago. Still waiting...

On Easter, I finally washed my white mocha and since I hadn't snapped a picture yet I decided it was time to show y'all my new baby. I'm still waiting on the tags to get here so these are the temporary ones. I'm going to actually keep my personalized plates that actually say my name but I won't say in what sequence or numbers it is, just know it's gonna look baller.

Later I went to hang out with my family and got some good food in my belly. I don't know why my family loves The Hangover because I only really liked the first one, but we were watching part 3, which I had already seen, but what can you do.

Then later I came home and started working on my giveaway. I'm ready to get off the computer and actually watch some TV. BTW, Orphan Black premiered it's second season this weekend and I watched it and loved every minute of every second of it. #CloneClub FTW bitches!

How was your holiday weekend?