Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Orphan Black

I normally don't mess with my Amazon Prime app, but now I think I'm gonna start hitting it up a little bit more because it introduced me to my latest and greatest addiction aka TV crack: Orphan Black. I confess I watched around 5 episodes the other day since I got off work a little early and yesterday I was mad that I could only get to 2 episodes. Best believe by Saturday I will be all caught up because Saturday is the Season 2 premiere of this amazing show.

So I will give you a quickie of why this show just makes me so freakin' happy. First off, it has a little scifi and I love scifi, I'm a nerd I guess. Then, the main character is played by this gorgeous Canadian actress, Tatiana Maslany. She is so talented it's ridiculous. Playing so many different characters I almost feel like I'm watching Alias, except this is a jizillion times better. What's more is that I get hooked on TV shows that involve detective work and complicated plot lines that keep you guessing.

It has so many quirky and funny lines for each of the characters especially Sarah's gay BFF Felix whom she calls Fe. This show is just amazing and genius. I can't wait to see how the first season ends and I'm so excited for my three day weekend to get here so that I can watch this show!

Have you seen this show? If not, go ahead and get on it and watch it all with me because I need a partner in crime. You're welcome.

What about y'all? Any confessions to get off your chest? Speak now or forever hold your pea...

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Six Months

I've been avoiding him all week until last night when he called once again. I guess we owe it to each other to have that talk in person and clearly talk about where we are and actually communicate. I think sometimes women may be ahead of the curve especially with how we mature faster than men and when it comes to taking it to the next level, men need a little more time to catch up to us.

I know in my last posts I was ranting how angry I was and how I'm shutting the door, but I think that anger has subsided and I'm now able to see a little more clearly. I don't know how it's gonna go when we have that talk, but part of me thinks that it won't hurt to give it a little more time. Six months is where I draw the line, which will make it a year since we met last October.

I think a year is a good amount of time for two people to see if the relationship needs to continue or let it go. I don't want to have any regrets so I think that's a good window of opportunity.

The issue that is consistent with us is that we are polar opposites as well as our miscommunication. What is also consistent is that I see myself with him and I'm sure it's the same for him with me. So how in the world do we meet in the middle? We will never agree on a lot of things because he's wired to think the world is square while I'm wired to think the world is round. Square peg in a round hole if you will, is the kind of pickle we're in.

But despite all of that, I have strong feelings for him beyond where my brain cannot even keep up. I'm not gonna lie, but I have missed him. I often wonder what he's doing and when he texts me my ego gets boosted and it feels good that he's fighting for me. I like to think I'm worth fighting for, just don't want to keep fighting and get off track.

I'm gonna make it clear as day of what I want from him and hopefully it will work. If it doesn't, then I know I gave it all I had and I'm not playing games, just being real.

Have you guys ever been in a situation like this? I feel like I'm going crazy.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Bachelorette Party, Beauty Live, Shopping, and Rangers Game

I did so much this weekend I almost feel like I had a three day weekend. Thankfully, this week is a short week for me since we're off on Good Friday, thank goodness. Anywho, get ready for this heavy duty weekend update and I have so many pics I had to create collages for some of them. So after you check out my weekend, be sure to link up yours with Lisa and I!

As you can see above, the Bachelorette party for my friend was on Friday night. We had so much fun and it's been awhile since I got in a limo. It was seriously the best idea ever because car pooling sucks royal monkey you know what. I am excited I get to go to her wedding next weekend! I may need to rent a date. We shall see.

We first had dinner at The Keg Steakhouse and I went there a few weeks ago with my sister and girlfriends so it's a great place to have dinner. If you notice in front of the bride there's a big penis cake! It was hilarious and the cake was really freakin' bomb. After dinner, we headed over to downtown Fort Worth. I haven't been to Fort Worth in who knows how long, but I gotta say I think I will be back soon.

The energy at the bars we went to was almost unreal. People are more engaging and friendlier than the Dallas crowd. A group of guys who were with a bachelor, got us all a round of shots. That would never happen at a bar in uptown Dallas! It was awesome and a lot of fun.

Before my weekend begun, I got treated by my job for doing a job well done to the Rangers game on Saturday night. I can't remember the last time I went to a Rangers game so needless to say I was pumped! I called up my best buddy Melanie and asked her if she was free so it worked out and she was my date all day Saturday.

Saturday was Beauty Live held at the Dallas Galleria. This would be my third time going and this is the first time they gave us an actual handbag as our goodie bag. I was so excited especially since the inside of it is leopard print. I'll do a post later this week showing the goodies I got. Before heading over, I made a quick stop at Einstein Bagels. I love that place! Recently discovered I love their smoked salmon spread. It is wickedly and insanely delicious! I got it with an egg sandwich because I don't care if it's questionable, it tasted marvelous!

The highlight of Beauty Live was Melanie and I were able to finally meet the one and only Courtney Kerr!

She is the sweetest person ever y'all! I just wish I could've had at least five more minutes to chat with her, but there was some lady that was controlling everything and it was so annoying. I wanted to bitch slap her and tell her, "Can I get 5 minutes with Courtney? Thank you!" Anywho, I'm glad we got to briefly meet Courtney and our pics with her.

We were about to leave the mall when suddenly H&M was right there and we ended up shopping. Oh the damage I did on my credit card was sinful! I was overdue for new Spring clothes though. So here's what I got:

I just love all these flowy tops!

It was about time I finally got those leather pants I've had my eye on for what seems like forever. The gold skirt is so chic, I can't wait to wear it soon {maybe for the wedding}. I also had to get this leopard headband because it's totally my style and I think it would be cute to wear on those days when I don't wanna deal with my hair.

So here we are at the game a few hours later. I didn't realize the seats we got were officially from my job so that's pretty cool. Also we had great seats because we were just on the second level behind first base. On another note, no shame that I took that cup home. As far as the game, it was so good! It was such a close call at the end, it was a bummer they didn't win, but we had a blast especially since the weather was perfect for being outdoors.

Sunday I went back to the Galleria with Melanie and we learned a few things from the Diptyque line from Nordstrom and got to smell different scents of candles. I already have at least one favorite scent for a candle and one for a fragrance. They also had some treats for us and it was a pretty neat presentation. I didn't take a picture of this but I ran into Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars there! Always good to see her.

After that I headed to my favorite Starbucks in my neighborhood and got the Danish croissant, it never disappoints.

I was so tired from the weekend it was a miracle I even got dressed to do anything after the Nordstrom event. I went back home and got into my new leopard leggins I got from H&M and vegged out the rest of the day.

Sigh. It is late and I should be in bed now so I will stop my rambling and let y'all link up!

How was your weekend lovelies?

Friday, April 11, 2014

DIY Tutorial: Liquor Bouquet a la Fireball

I don't really consider myself a creative person unless it comes to blogging then I can be creative. As far as crafting goes however, I feel like I'm an amateur. When I put my mind to creating something creatively, it freakin' amazes me what I can come up with! So last night I made this liquor bouquet with Fireball mini bottles as a gift for a friend of mine and holy smokes Batman!! I can't believe it's not butter this is what I created y'all!

So I figured I would do a tutorial for how to make your own liquor bouquet as a gift, or maybe as decor for your infamous bar carts that a lot of you seem to have in your neat little spaces.

You don't really need VS Perfume Bottles, but if you got 'em throw them in. I actually found these in my dresser drawer and I hadn't even used them so I figured I would add them to the gift. The flowers are so cute! I got them at the Dollar Tree for only $2, followed by the flower pot. Then made a trip to Michael's and got the craft sticks and the styrofoam. All in all I only spent $25 and that my friends is pretty kick ass in my book.

So my friend loves fireball and at first I was gonna do an assorted liquor bouquet, but I felt like I should keep it simple so here I just made the whole shebang Fireball. I got 10 mini bottles and they were only 99 cents each, holla! The gold washi tape I already had in my craft corner and so it came in handy.

Cut the styrofoam to fit inside the pot. I almost went back to Michael's and then I realized I can just cut it and save myself a trip. See what I mean about not being a craft queen? I had to think hard on how I was gonna make it work and I'm glad I did.

This part was not fun to put together because as you can see there are defects and it's not smooth and straight like I had wanted it to be. Nevertheless, I like how I thought of making this design on the outside of the pot because originally I hadn't even thought about doing that until I did. Go figure.

I used some invisible tape to attach the craft sticks to the back of the mini bottles. Then suddenly I thought I should scratch the whole bow with the ribbon tie and actually twirl it around the stick and make it look like a candy cane! I think I'm getting the hang of this.

Lastly, stuff the paper inside after poking holes with the sticks and there you go! Also, added the perfume bottles in the middle of the pot.

Voila! I realized this wasn't a step by step tutorial, but I hope with my pictures it's pretty self explanatory. So tonight I am going to the bachelorette party where I hope she doesn't see this post and the surprise will be ruined, sorta. It took me about an hour and a half to make this. I'm sure if you guys are the creative kings and queens, you will surely get these done in 10 minutes, am I right?

Before I forget, the idea of making this awesome gift came from the awesome Whitney! She tweeted me back yesterday when I asked what would be a good gift for a bachelorette that's not lingerie and she is a genius and told me to get one of these {or make}. So thank you Whitney for saving the day!

Do you guys have a creative gene in your body? I think mine came out later in life, or something.